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We created this page to help people who need a mobile phone contract and don’t have a brand new TV at home.

You Need a Mobile Phone and TV?

phones with free tv

If you are not sure if you need a mobile phone already, here are some things that you have to think about:

  • Do you always see the need to call different people especially when you are out of the house? If you need it for your business or to call clients, you would need a mobile phone that has features that you will need to make your work easier.
  • Do you see the need to purchase simply because your friends have it? This may not be reason enough to purchase a mobile phone together a television. Do remember to differentiate if it is a want or a need.
  • Have you already done a lot of research about the various brands, various models plus the features that can come with each phone that you have searched about? The more determined you are about finding the right phone, the more time you will spend on trying to find the perfect phone for you. Of course, you would need to find a phone that will fit your budget as well.

What if people would be given a chance to have a plan wherein they can get mobile phones and TV at the same time? This will be very helpful for people because they can get the mobile phone that they would like to get and they would get a little extra in the process too. For some people, televisions and mobile phones go together because they are both needed. For others, they are just happy with the bundle because who would not want an extra television set when it can be paid for every month with ease?

Contract mobile phones with free TV are offered by the following companies:

  • Free 23 inch Samsung HD TV is given at the Link
  • Free 26 inch LG LCD TV is given by Dialaphone
  • Free Samsung 23 inch TV is given by Tesco Mobile
  • Free LG 42 inch TV is given by Tesco Mobile
  • Free 23 inch LCD HD TV is given by Beepy Mobile
  • Free 32 inch LCD HD TV is given by Beepy Mobile
  • Free 19 inch HD LCD DVD TV with Nintendo Wii by Beepy Mobile
  • Free Samsung 26 inch LCD HDTV by Beepy Mobile
  • Free 42 inch Plasma HDTV by Beepy Mobile
  • Free 19 inch LCD TV with Built in DVD by Beepy Mobile
  • Free 32 inch Toshiba Regza LCD TV by Beepy Mobile
  • Apple TV Box by Mobiles

phones with free tv